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As a team of experienced engineers, we offer commercial boiler services to ensure the safe and efficient operation of your business. Our services include installation, regular maintenance, servicing and repairs of boiler components to ensure optimal performance.

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Our nationwide commercial boiler service offers you peace of mind, knowing your heating system is in safe hands. Our engineers carry out every project with safety, compliance and efficiency in mind whilst also maintaining a high-standard of work. Our goal is to ensure that your heating systems are operating at their best to minimise the risk of downtime and disruptions to your business operations.

We take a lot of pride in providing quality commercial boiler services to the commercial, industrial, hospitality and retail industries.

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Our boiler installation service includes a thorough assessment of the building and the existing heating system, site preparation, removal of old boilers, new boiler installation, testing and a final handover to ensure smooth operation and maintenance of the new system.


Our reputable and experienced engineers will repair existing commercial boilers. This involves troubleshooting and inspections, repairing and replacing boiler components, clean ups, testing and a handover to ensure the repaired boilers are well maintained.


Hire our engineers to provide reactive and planned maintenance to your commercial boiler systems to prevent avoidable breakdowns and ensure optimal performance. This includes inspections, cleaning, tune ups, and the introduction of effective maintenance plans.

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Ensure your boiler system is break-down free with our regular servicing offering. Our engineers will maintain and repair components of your boilers to guarantee longevity of your heating system. Our services are flexible to fit around your business’ day-to-day runnings.

Annual Testing

Avoid unexpected bills with our annual testing service. This includes a visual inspection, combustion analysis, efficiency testing, safety checks and a maintenance plan helping you to reduce operating costs and to improve energy efficiency long-term.

Plant Rooms

Our experienced team will ensure the efficient running of your plant room. We make sure that your commercial building is operating safely, efficiently and reliably. We recommend systems, evaluate and inspect existing ones, and provide emergency services.

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Why pick us for your commercial boiler services?

Our team of highly experienced and compliant engineers are on hand to ensure the safe running and efficiency of your boiler systems.


Our commercial boiler work is always completed to a high standard ensuring the longevity of your heating systems, saving your business money and unexpected downtimes.

Family Run

We pride ourselves on being a family run business that promotes commitment and accountability with all of the commercial boiler work we undertake.


Our honest and efficient approach to commercial boiler repairs, installation and maintenance has built us a good reputation within the industry.


We prioritise building long-term relationships with our clients which means you can rely on us to maintain the effective running of your building’s heating systems.

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We provide disruption-free plumbing & heating services to ensure your business runs smoothly

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Our accredited team has extensive experience in ensuring industrial operations run seamlessly

We install and maintain commercial kitchen plumbing equipment for hospitality sectors


We offer bespoke and flexible solutions to keep up with the ever changing hospitality industry


Commercial Boiler Services FAQs

The frequency of commercial boiler servicing can depend on various factors, such as the type of boiler, its age, usage patterns, and the manufacturer’s recommendations. However, in general, it is recommended that commercial boilers be serviced at least once a year.

Annual servicing can help to identify and address any issues before they become major problems, ensuring that the boiler is operating safely, efficiently, and reliably. Additionally, regular servicing can help to extend the lifespan of the boiler and reduce the risk of breakdowns or emergency repairs.

It is important to note that some manufacturers may require more frequent servicing, or that servicing may be required more frequently for boilers that are subjected to heavy usage or harsh operating conditions. It is best to consult with one of our qualified engineers using the contact form on this page to find out how regularly your boiler should be serviced.

A commercial boiler service is a comprehensive maintenance check performed on a commercial boiler by a qualified technician. The service typically involves a range of checks and tests to ensure that the boiler is operating safely, efficiently, and reliably.

One of our technicians may inspect various components of the boiler, including the burner, heat exchanger, controls, and safety devices. They may also perform tests to measure the boiler’s efficiency and combustion process, as well as check for any signs of wear and tear or damage.

After completing the service, our technician may provide recommendations for repairs or maintenance to keep the boiler running smoothly. Regular commercial boiler servicing can help to extend the lifespan of the boiler, improve energy efficiency, and reduce the risk of breakdowns or emergency repairs.

The cost of a commercial boiler can vary widely depending on several factors, such as the type and size of the boiler, its features and specifications, the manufacturer, and the installation and maintenance costs.

In general, commercial boilers can range in price from several thousand to tens of thousands of pounds, with the more advanced and larger models costing the most. Additionally, the cost of installation, including labour and materials, can add several thousand pounds to the total cost of the boiler.

It is important to note that the cost of the boiler is just one aspect of the total cost of ownership, as maintenance and repair costs can add up over time. Regular servicing and maintenance can help to minimise these costs and extend the lifespan of the boiler.

To get an accurate cost estimate for a specific commercial boiler, it is best to consult with a member of our team. We can help to evaluate the specific needs of your business and recommend a boiler that fits within your budget and meets your required specifications.

The time it takes to service a commercial boiler can vary depending on several factors, such as the size and type of the boiler, its age and condition, and the extent of the service required. Generally, a standard commercial boiler service can take anywhere from 1-4 hours to complete.

During the service, one of our engineers will typically inspect various components of the boiler, perform tests and measurements, clean and lubricate parts, and make any necessary repairs or adjustments. The time required will depend on the complexity of the boiler system and the amount of maintenance required.

It is important to note that some boilers may require more time for servicing, especially if they are older or have not been serviced in a while. Additionally, if any repairs or replacement parts are needed, this can add to the overall time required.

We pride ourselves on delivering high standards of work with as little disruption to your business as possible, meaning we will service your boiler within a suitable time frame and ensure that it is well done to avoid any potential future breakdowns that could interrupt your company’s workflow.

In the UK, there is currently no legal requirement for commercial or residential property owners to have their boilers serviced. However, there are regulations in place that require employers and landlords to ensure that the heating systems in their properties are safe for use.

The Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 state that employers and landlords must ensure that gas appliances, including boilers, are maintained and in good working order. This includes ensuring that the appliances are serviced and inspected annually by a Gas Safe registered engineer, like ourselves. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in fines, imprisonment, or even fatalities in the worst-case scenario.

While there is no legal requirement for annual servicing of boilers in the UK, it is strongly recommended by industry experts and boiler manufacturers to help maintain the safety, efficiency, and reliability of the boiler. Our regular boiler servicing can also help to detect any potential problems early, preventing costly breakdowns and repairs.

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